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Welcome to the Hastings Public Schools Activities/Athletics Registration Site

We recommend that you use Firefox as your web browser during registration.

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. To get started, you'll need to create a parent account, which will be unique to you. Your login will be connected to your account, and nobody else will see the information. First, click the green apple icon (above). Next, connect your student(s) to your account using their Student ID# and date of birth.

Once you have logged in and connected to your student accounts, click the red soccer ball to access the registration site. Click the "register" link next to your student's name to see a list of items he/she is eligible for. Select the desired item and follow the steps through the registration and payment process.

We have created "How To" documents that show you the steps to creating a new account, connecting to your students, and registering for a sport/activity:

Creating Parent User Account Login and Connecting to Student Accounts

Registration Instructions

If you are having trouble creating your account or getting logged in, you can call 1.800.934.2621. For any other question, please contact the school using the contact information listed on the "Contact Us" page.

High School Individual/Family Max Info

High School Individual Maximum - Maximum of 3 Athletic / Activity District Participation Fees or $525.00, whichever comes first.

High School Family Maximum - Maximum of $700 including High School Athletics & Fine Arts and Middle School Athletics.

If you are getting close to reaching the High School Individual Maximum you must contact us to verify prior to registering to have the fee amount adjusted - see Contact Us page.

The Family Maximum will automatically be calculated in this Affinety Program for the fees listed here.